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Shinty 100 – Medium Low Bow

Shinty 100 – Medium Low Bow

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  • 98% Toray Carbon
  • 1% Kevlar
  • 1% Aramid

Balance sheet point

  • 36,5”: +/- 400mm
  • 37,5”: +/- 395mm


  • Medium Low Bow: The curve point is 200 mm from the head with a maximum height of 24 mm.


  • +/- 530 grams


  • Matt

A stick designed to help you control the ball better!

The Gofox Shinty 100 hockey stick is made of 98% Toray Carbon and is specially designed for the most experienced defenders and players. The characteristics of the Shinty 100 ensure maximum stiffness for optimal ball control. In addition, they provide better accuracy in shots and passes.

The Medium Low Bow of the stick allows the player to control his technical gestures in an optimal way. You will also be able to control the ball more easily and give it more speed during your shots or passes.

Where does the name Shinty range come from?

The origin of the name of our Shinty range simply comes from the history of hockey. Shinty originated in Scotland, where players split into two teams of 12 players had two 45-minute halves to score with sticks.

This sport was Scottish, so lies at the origin of our well-known sport, hockey.

Where do our hockey sticks come from?

Like all major hockey brands, Gofox turned to Pakistan for a quality supplier. This choice is based on several criteria:

  • Artisanal expertise: Pakistan is known for its long tradition of handmade hockey sticks. Pakistani artisans have unique expertise and know-how when it comes to making sticks.
  • Production flexibility: Pakistani suppliers can produce custom hockey sticks as we wish, depending on the different characteristics requested, taking into account delivery times.
  • Quality of raw material: Pakistani suppliers have requested a range of quality products, such as Toray Carbon by Gofox, to produce their hockey sticks. The sticks are therefore stronger and more durable.
  • Sports culture: Hockey is a very popular sport in Pakistan, which means that local artisans have a thorough knowledge of the equipment needed to play the sport, which can result in top-quality products.

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